There’s nothing more that winds me up then a cheating scumbag of a partner. I’ve had my heart broken many a time in that same way so when I see those awful people get their comeuppance it makes me very happy inside. Personally I really don’t understand how people can live their lives hurting others that they supposedly care about. The girls are at London escort and I discuss cheating very often. Some of our clients at cheap escorts in London actually hire us knowing that they have significant others waiting at home for them. The London escort girls and I are quite sympathetic to their reasons as to why they would rather spend time with us then there significant others however feel that sometimes it’s a copout rather than our clients working hard on the problems in their current relationship.  

One evening once we finished our shift at London escorts the girls and I went for a drink and just had a general chitchat. We shared funny stories about ex-boyfriend and their stupid habits and why we ended up leaving them and some of us even shared some very naughty stories about how we got revenge on our exes that cheated on us. One of the girls at London escorts admitted to us that she deliberately pet rats in her boyfriends car overnight and shut the windows. The rats eight through all of his expenses leather and totally destroyed the car also leaving faeces everywhere. Another girl from London escort said that she had piled up all of her ex-boyfriend‘s expensive suits and jewellery and burnt it all and when he came home to an empty wardrobe she left a note. The stories were really funny. They sound mean but at the end of the day the girls at London escort don’t want to be mean it’s just that they’ve been hurt so badly they just want to take their anger out on something. I fully support them at the end of the day if you’re going to break my heart I’m going to break something of yours.  

My funny story is that when I found out my ex was cheating on me I actually took a picture of him kissing the other woman and posted it on social media. The weirdest thing was that many girls recognised him and actually responded to my post. They told me that he had also done the same thing to them and some of them even currently dating him. So what we decided to do was invite him round to our house and have all of the women that he had done wrong sit him down in an intervention. You should’ve seen his face he went ghost white I couldn’t believe that all the women he had been cheating on the all in one room. After we grilled him made him give back all of our positions we made him pay for a luxurious spa holiday for all of us which we thoroughly enjoyed.


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